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Do you have a smoke damaged building to revamp?  Do your industrial machines need a good cleaning but the sensitive components can't handle water?  Well then, you've come to the right place.  We offer dry ice blasting for a variety of applications.  While there are some things water just can't clean without ruining it, dry ice blasting is a safe alternative for those delicate components or near and dear books that have suffered smoke damage.  Dry ice blasting is used widely in industry to perform regular maintenence cleaning on presses and other machines that suffer from buildup and constant use, but we can also help reduce smoke damage to a home or building and its contents.  Sand blasting can be too abrasive for many items and metal can rust when cleaned with water, but dry ice blasting avoids both of these issues by using dry ice for a cleaning agent.  Better yet, when using this unique method of cleaning there is no secondary cleanup from dirty water or chemical residue.  Dry ice blasting is used in industry from factories, to transportation fleets, to aviation applications.  With a talented team of technicians with over 58 years of industrial and residential cleaning experience, JT's Carpet Cleaning can transform your project from overwhelming to done.  Our technicians aren't expected to rush through their jobs just to get to the next customer, we focus on getting your cleaning project done right the first time so you can move on to what is important.  Too busy to remember calling for a regular maintenance cleaning?  No problem, we can remind you and make the service hassle free.  Give us a call today for a free estimate on your dry ice blasting project!

Jeff Ring, owner JT's Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City
Dry Ice Blasting before and after
Dry ice blasting before and after on brick
dry ice blasting:  smoke damage restoration
dry ice blasting industrial machinery
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