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Why Choose KC Dry Ice Blasting?

Is the ice build up on your freezer floor becoming dangerous to your employees?  

Is it hindering the efficiency of your business because your lift trucks can't gain traction?

Are you frustrated about how to remove that ice without creating more ice and without harsh chemicals?  

Check out one of our recent freezer projects below to see how KC Dry Ice Blasting can help you today!  

Do you have a smoke damaged building to revamp?  

Do your industrial machines need a good cleaning but the sensitive components can't handle water?  

Well then, you've come to the right place.  

Right here in Kansas City we're family owned, local, and offer quality
work at a reasonable cost.   

We offer dry ice blasting for a variety of applications.  

While there are some things water just can't clean without ruining it, dry ice blasting is a safe alternative for those delicate components or near and dear books that have suffered smoke damage.  

Dry ice blasting is used widely in industry to perform regular maintenence cleaning on presses and other machines that suffer from buildup and constant use, but we can also help reduce smoke damage to a home or building and its contents.  

When using this unique method of cleaning there is no secondary cleanup from dirty water or chemical residue.

Who Uses Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is used in industry from factories, to transportation fleets, to aviation applications.

Is your project a bit more unique and you're not sure how to tackle it?

Give us a call, our team loves a challenge and are excellent at thinking out of the box to help our customers achieve project goals!  

Our technicians aren't expected to rush through their jobs just to get to the next customer, we focus on getting your cleaning project done right the first time so you can move on to what is important.  

Too busy to remember calling for a regular maintenance cleaning?  

No problem, we can remind you and make the service hassle free.

Jeff trying out Cold Jet dry ice blast cleaning machine
Remeber we offer all our customers the option of worry-free appointment reminders so you can set a maintenance plan and get back to living life until we call to confirm your next appointment.

This not only saves you time and avoids forgetting, but it ensures your maintenance cleaning stays on schedule and prolongs the life of the machinery being cleaned.    

Give us a call today for a free estimate on your dry ice blasting project!

Can My Budget Afford Dry Ice Blasting?

Is the Dry Ice Blasting too expensive for your project?  

Need a cheaper alternative?  

We've got you covered there too!  

KC Dry Ice Blasting also offers wet sand blasting services for those projects that are less delicate and just plain need to happen.  

Removing stains and debris from a foundation?  

We've got you covered.  

Need some items blasted to remove rust from sitting in the garden shed too long?  

Add dry sand blasting the tools on to any of our main services for a competitive price.  

Whatever your're cleaning need, we've got you covered.  

Curious about our experience with cleaning projects?

We believe in in a good honest clean, at a reasonable price, and leaving our customers with a smile.  We take pride in our work!  

Blast Cleaning Coils After
Pictured above: Before blast cleaning the coils.

Pictured above: During blast cleaning the coils-right side blasted clean.

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