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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Applications

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning before & after

Our Blast Cleaning Process

We use the awesome power of Cold Jet systems to blast away weeks, months, even years of dirt & grime from your machines and building!  

As one of the nation's top names in dry ice blasting systems, Cold Jet ensures all vendors get proper training so they can safely get your project cleaned up and do the best job possible.  

If you'd like to see more about how the dry ice blasting system works, feel free to check out our YouTube videos or those of Cold Jet and prepare to be amazed!  

Below are a few videos from Cold Jet highlighting the features, use, and applications dry ice blast cleaning is a good fit for.  

Remember cleaning with dry ice is the preferred waterless cleaning method for many types of industrial machinery maintenance!

Factory and Building Maintenance Cleaning Applications

Dry ice can be used for blast cleaning to remove many common eyesores from buildings and equipment.  

Rust, limescale, ice, and paint are just a few items that dry ice blast cleaning can help with for maintenance purposes.  

Why spend hours scraping off paint or thousands replacing your siding due to mold or rust when you could let our experts blast away the grime and give you a fresh canvas to work with!

Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Two of the primary benefits of cleaning with dry ice is a lack of a secondary waste stream and lack of conductivity.  

This means many machines don't have to be entirely powered down or disassembled for cleaning, sensitive electronics can be cleaned safely, and there is no dirty wash water to clean up after we're done blasting the grime off the building or machinery.  

Thanks to a unique state of being, dry ice simply sublimates from a solid to a gas and skips the liquid stage avoiding the short circuits water could lead to and the ice build up that would accumulate in extremely cold conditions.  

This is particularly helpful in factory and freezer settings where water creates too many problems but cleaning is still necessary.  

Using this method of cleaning it is possible to leave freezers or equipment running during cleaning and avoid the downtime associated with traditional cleaning methods.

Power Generation Cleaning Applications
Remember we said earlier dry ice doesn't conduct electricity and avoids the short circuits caused by water?  

Well this is great news for the power generation industry as generating power can be a really dirty job!  

Electrical equipment can attract dust and other debris that just can't be cleaned by water due to shock or damage risks.  

Dry ice blast cleaning reduces the risks of cleaning this equipment and lowers possible downtime associated because in many cases the equipment can be left on or in a standby mode while being cleaned.

Food Processing Plant Cleaning Applications

Can I Blast Clean Food Processing Equipment?

Is the equipment in your food facility in dire need of a good cleaning.

Do you have stationary equipment that is difficult and time consuming to move for regular cleanings?

Dry ice blasting is the answer here.

We can blast your equipment with food-grade pellets and remove the debris without costly dismantling.

Dry ice is also not conducive to helping molds or bacteria grow and can actually help eliminate more common pathogens like e. coli and salmonella.

From caked on greasiness, to carbonized buildup, to sticky sugary clumps in processing equipment, dry ice blasting can be the solution to them all.

Conventional cleaning for your baked on greasy frying equipment is not only difficult, but time consuming and may require vast amounts of degreasing agents.

Dry ice can avoid these issues by congealing the grease and then working as a gentle abrasive to remove the caked on gunk without creating hazardous or secondary messes from chemical residue.

Worried about sensitive electrical appliances?

Fear not, dry ice blasting is safe for use with electronics.

In fact, this amazing cleaning method is actually a preferred method for cleaning many robotic items.

Using dry ice to blast clean in a food processing environment can be especially useful.  

With the lack of liquid involved, there is less opportunity for mold or mildew to take hold and grow from any leftovers.  

This method can also help reduce the risk of pathogens in the environment and will leave no harsh chemicals behind which means a quicker sanitation cycle before food contact surfaces can be used again.  

More Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Applications

Don't forget we can also use our blast cleaning services to remove ice from freezer floors to help your work place boost safety and efficiency!  
No more sliding forklifts, no more slips and falls.  

No water needed, we just blast the ice right off and your business gets back to normal!

Can I Blast Clean Molds and Castings?

Dry ice blasting can be used without requiring a cool-down period for the machines.  

This reduces down time and allows cleaning of the equipment, bolds, or casting equipment without damage to the forming components.

With no secondary blast media, there is no secondary cleanup to remove blast media.  

The pressurized dry ice simply blasts away the debris and residues without leaving any extra chemical residues behind.  

This is a perfect choice when eco-friendly options are preferred for cleaning.  

Jon looks over his work after blasting awway the grime.

Does Blast Cleaning Work on

Welding Equipment & Fixtures?

Welding equpiment and fixtures can build up debris and slag over time from heavy use.  

This in turn can create less than optimal working conditions, and in some cases compromise the quality of workmanship on welded components.

Enter dry ice blasting, with no chemicals to clean up the ice blasting can remove that slag and debris leaving a smooth, clean workplace without damaging the precise fixtures necessary for critical tolerance measurements.  

Dry ice blasting also requires minimal set up and clean up, so lines can quickly get back up and running to reduce downtime and lost productivity.

Ice Blasting in Aviation Applications

Do you need to remove the gunk from aviation parts but can't wash it and can't risk the damage of traditional blast media?  

You've come to the right place, dry ice blasting can safely remove debris from many items and is widely used for safely cleaning up air craft landing gear and components from residue, or to allow more thorough inspection of the vehicle.  

Blasting decals and emblems with dry ice is also a great way to remove old promotional graphics or paints from the air craft in preparation for new.  

This use can also be applied to transportation fleets like cargo trucks and train cars.  

How Can Blast Cleaning help with Presses and Printing Equipment?

Is your industry filled with ink, printing, and presses?  

We have the perfect solution for you too.  

Dry ice blasting is a preferred method for removing built up ink and debris from commerical printing machines.  

Unlike steam which can cause ink to expand and create a bigger mess, dry ice blasting removes the ink from the material being cleaned and allows a quick cleanup between color runs, or for more thorough periodic maintenance cleanings.  

This method of cleaning also reduces the need for disassembly of machines and allows your production run to get going again quicker.

Less downtime from cleaning equates to better productivity, better morale, and less equipment failure due to residue buildup while helping maintain the quality and integrity of product your customers have come to count on.  

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